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七效合一保養 Nyfuxi Whitening Essence

Nyfuxi 寧芙絲瞬間嫩白清透精華

《水解蠶絲》 – 能柔軟肌膚角質層,有效修護、保濕,維持肌膚彈性光澤,使用後無黏膩感。

《胎盤素》 – 使肌膚柔軟,改善皮膚粗糙。

《桑白梅萃取》- 保濕、促進皮膚白皙不易暗沈、維持年輕肌膚。

《葛根萃取》 - 讓皮膚潤澤光滑,活化肌膚。

《蘆薈萃取》 - 具保濕效果,可使乾燥的肌膚,緊緻、白皙不易暗沉。

《綠藻萃取》 - 能夠保濕,並且使肌膚活化。

《薰衣草油》 - 從薰衣草中萃取出來的油質成份,有安撫、舒緩肌膚功能。

《二氧化鈦》 - 防曬系數SPF25 從天然礦石晶體中萃取,能在肌膚表面形成『柔光防護膜』,達到視覺柔化效果及物理性防曬。


80g   RM290

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Hot seller in Japan with 7 in 1 functions. (Whitening, moisturizing, repairing, decorated bottom, oil control, conceal, isolation). Could use as a CC cream in the morning with no makeup remove needed as it is not a foundation but an essence and as a mask at night. Natural & great ingredients for your skin care.

Main Ingredients: Hydrolyzed silk, titanium dioxide, lavender oil, placenta, white plum mulberry extract, kudzu root extract, aloe extract, g
reen algae extract

Hydrolyzed silk --> soften skin, effectively repair, moisture, maintain skin elasticity and shiny, no sticky feeling after use

Placenta --> makes the skin soft, improve skin roughness

White plum mulberry extract --> moisturizing, promote fair skin dull and difficult to maintain youthful skin.

Kudzu root extract --> make your skin smooth, activating the skin.

Aloe extract --> with moisturizing effect, can make dry skin, compact, easy to dull white.

Green algae extract --> to moisture, and the skin activation.

Lavender oil  --> extracted from lavender oil out of ingredients, there is comfort, soothe the skin function.

Titanium dioxide --> SPF25 sun protection factor extracted from natural ore crystals can form "soft protective film" on the skin surface, to soften the visual effects and physical sunscreen.

Online Selling Price:
80g   RM290

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